Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random: Other People's Showers

I'm not completely comfortable in other people's showers.
I always look at the bar of soap with some distaste, especially if it's sitting in a puddle of water and turned cold with slime. Scrub brushes and exfoliating mitts make me think of dead skin being sluiced off naked bodies.
Sometimes I have a pee in the shower. That makes me think of other people peeing in that same shower.
I try to keep my shower clean, but sometimes the soap is slimy (no thanks to my boyfriend, I'm sure… lol); the scrub brush hasn't been looking so new as of late; and beside my shower gloves a hemp scrub mitt hangs stiff with not quite washed out soap.
I know I'm a bit OCD; and really, if I'm going to admit peeing in the shower how bad can it be?

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